The BlizzCon Podcast is a Frozen Beard Media podcast hosted by Epicinsanity!

On the BlizzCon Podcast, Epicinsanity will give you up to date information about everyone Blizzard Entertainment fans favorite convention…. BLIZZCON! You can expect to hear about Travel (Ground & Air), hotel/AirBNB accommodations, the parties, what to do inside the convention, esports, panels, the BlizzCon Store, the parties, the food, and much much more.

The BlizzCon Podcast will be your one stop shop podcast for everything BlizzCon related. From time to time Epicinsanity will invite guests on the show to talk about specifics in areas that they specialize in: Pin Trading, Virtual Ticket, The Parties, Esports, etc.

If you or someone you know would make a great guest on the show, please fill out the following form to get in contact with Epicinsanity directly!

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